Fedway Associates Chose Supreme for Customer Service, Innovative Technology


kegsFedway Associates, one of New Jersey’s leading wine and spirits distributor, had experienced their fill of subpar customer service and false alarms from their contracted security systems company (one of the world’s largest security providers.) The company ultimately decided to switch providers and work with Supreme Security Systems, a Union, NJ-based provider of commercial security systems for businesses since 1929. Fedway’s selection was, in large part, based on Supreme’s long-standing positive reputation in the area and commitment to customer service and innovative mobile technology.

Fedway Associates, in servicing over 7,000 restaurants, clubs, taverns and retail stores in New Jersey, relies heavily on their security system to protect their 300,000 square foot warehouse in Kearny, New Jersey. The company wholesales high-end wine and spirits brands like Grey Goose and Bombay Sapphire, while also selling a wide range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. They also have various sales and co-marketing agreements with other distributors including Southern Wine & Spirits of America.

Fedway, which is capable of delivering around 25,000 cases of wine and spirits each day, was relying on a nationally based security provider (one that boasts of servicing seven million other customers) before they switched to Supreme. “With the security company we were using back then, we just didn’t have very good customer service,” said Special Projects Manager David Kengere. “It wasn’t that they weren’t responsive, necessarily, but they would pretty much want us to resolve every problem ourselves, even
with something very small, they would find a way to say it was our fault.”

After experiencing serious problems with their former security provider, their response during Hurricane Sandy was the final straw, and Fedway made the decision to switch to Supreme. “We had significant issues during Sandy when it flooded,” Kengere said. “They were not being very helpful at all.”


flood damageFedway decided to switch to Supreme because of their long-term roots in the Garden State, which gives Supreme an elevated level of specific geographic-based knowledge and expertise when it comes to servicing clients in New Jersey, their industry-leading technology, and their close proximity. In terms of innovative technology, Kengere especially appreciates the mobile security solutions that Supreme offers. “The one thing I really like with Supreme is the fact that I signed up for the text messaging,” Kengere said. “So, every time the building is opened or closed, I get a text, and I really like that.” Kengere also finds value by using the smartphone app that Supreme offers. “With the app, you can monitor your property live, no matter where you are, which makes it an extremely helpful tool,” Kengere added.

After the water damage, Supreme also updated the security and fire system to many more zones which gave the customer more specific information in the case of an incident, so now Fedway’s security personnel can now go onto their camera system to see in real-time if there is an active intrusion.


After switching from a nationally based security provider to Supreme, Fedway’s security program has been much more reliable. “We lock our warehouse down very well,” Kengere said. “But, the biggest difference I have noticed with Supreme is that we get far less false fire alarms than we used to before.” The same observation was noted by Cambria Automotive Companies in another case study. Fedway now feels extremely comfortable with their system from Supreme, they use the smartphone app every day, and they know that help will be on the way whenever they need it thanks to the company’s close proximity to their warehouse.

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