ferraraWe recently spoke with one of our customers, Nick Ferrara Sr. of Ferrara International Logistics in Hillside, NJ. Ferrara International Logistics orchestrates the shipping of high value products, using cargo jets, container ships and other carriers to move products around the world quickly and safely. As a result, the need for a reliable and effective security and fire protection system for their warehouse is paramount.

Warehouse Security System

“Through working with Supreme Security Systems, which is HQ’d right down the road from our Hillside facility, we have installed a customized Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) system that provides surveillance coverage everywhere across the premises that it is needed, especially points of entrance after-hours,” Ferrara said. He also depends on the video surveillance system to provide high quality surveillance footage after-the-fact, if an incident needs to be reviewed. This is where the quality of the footage is a key factor. If the footage isn’t quite clear enough, it can add many man-hours of review to ensure a positive identification of suspects. If the criminal justice system and/or civil courts become involved, anything other than high-quality footage that clearly identifies the individual(s) engaged in specific activities (i.e. theft, arson, fraud, etc.) may likely be excluded as evidence by the court, thus rendering it useless for anything other than a mild deterrent. “The most important feature of video surveillance is the visibility and quality of the video footage, and the visibility from Supreme is great,” Ferrara said.

For a logistics company especially, easy access to high-quality shareable CCTV footage is very important, going far beyond crime prevention to impact just about any situation that amounts to a potential disruption to the supply chain. For example, items and goods that are being shipped may end up getting damaged or loaded incorrectly.

logisticsIn order to resolve issues quickly and assign accountability, it is imperative for company officials  to have the ability to access the recordings and be able to clearly see what they capture. Realtime information is valuable for any business to have, however, for the logistics industry it’s not just valuable to have, its absolutely crucial.

Remote CCTV monitoring also assist logistics companies such as Ferrara by process and increasing delivery efficiency. Supervisors and management personnel who aren’t necessarily security or LP professionals will use the CCTV system to monitor conditions that impact worker’s safety and working conditions.

Warehouse Fire Protection System

The most important capability for a warehouse fire alarm system is early detection. In general, a fire can be detected by the presence of smoke, heat, or flames. Especially in a large facility, where some fires may not be easily detectable, (i.e. glowing or lower-heat fires) they still need to be detected and dealt with in an immediate fashion.

At the same time, the need for sensitive detection and rapid response must be balanced with the need to keep false alarms incidents to a minimum. For example, dust can cause a false alarm within a smoke detector. Mechanical equipment like HVAC diffusers and boilers can also trigger false alarms. The key is to get an experienced alarm installer. Ferrara worked with Supreme to to determine the right mix of technology for their specific environment; designing a fire system that suits the needs of their business and supports daily operations.

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