A customer had recently lost her husband and was downsizing from a large house to a condo. She wanted to feel “cocooned in,” and replicate the alarm system she had in her larger house. The customer led an active life, and needed to feel safe during all hours of the day and especially at night.

Supreme first planned to equip her home like any other. We protected the perimeter, installed glass break detectors where needed and installed 3 keypads (front door, door to garage and master bedroom). Then began the task of helping her feel “cocooned in.” We created a secondary protected space within the home by contacting the hallway door to the bedroom area, placing motion detectors in the hallway, and contacting her bedroom door. The homeowner could then arm her system in the “Away” mode, while still being in the home, thus creating a “Safe Room” encompassing her bathroom, office, and bedroom.

Supreme gave her exactly what she wanted, and as a result, she feels completely comfortable in her new home.

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