Hayward Industries Chooses Supreme Security Systems over Nationally Based Security Company for Reliability


haywardHayward Industries, Inc., the largest manufacturer of residential swimming pool equipment in the world, had identified customer service problems with their nationally-based security systems provider. They switched to Supreme Security Systems because of the company’s family atmosphere and New Jersey expertise. The company is headquartered in Elizabeth, NJ, and they were experiencing issues with a nationally-based security provider before they switched to Supreme. “Prior to Supreme, our security provider simply did not provide us with the service that we requested,” said Hayward Industries’ Facility Manager Dennis Radtke. “There was a lot of miscommunication and misdirection.” Radtke felt as though they weren’t a priority to the nationally based security provider. “They just weren’t responsive to us and we knew we had to switch.”

Hayward designs the Totally Hayward® System, which is a complete state-of-the-art, energy efficient residential pool equipment system including pumps, filters, heaters, heat pumps, cleaners, electronic control systems, electronic chlorinators and many other pool specific products.

Having built an unsurpassed reputation for quality over 80+ years, Hayward, perhaps more than many companies, understands firsthand the importance of installing technology and equipment that is engineered well, built to last and works smart. They say that their goal is “that at the end of the day, your only concern is to turn your equipment on and off,” so it actually makes perfect sense that they would choose to work with a company such as Supreme Security Systems.


Radtke knew that they had to make a change, and he did exactly that, choosing Supreme for their reputation as a trustworthy local security provider. Supreme updated the security system to give them more control of the facility. Supreme added areas that could be disarmed from the main building. These areas can only be controlled by certain user levels. “The family-owned aspect of Supreme allows us to have a better, more reliable relationship with our security provider,” Radtke said. When asked how long it took him to become familiar with Supreme’s security system, Radtke responded, “Hours, it was quick. Whenever there’s a service call, I work with them very easily.”


The decision to switch to Supreme resulted in reduced stress and increased efficiency for Hayward Industries, Inc. “It brings us peace-of-mind because we know that the central monitoring office in Union, NJ, will have an immediate response,” Radtke said. “And if there is a service issue or a repair issue required, it’s almost an immediate response to that as well.” Radtke also said that ever since the installation, the system has worked well with no problems whatsoever.

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