Cambria Automotive Companies identified problems with a faulty alarm system provided by a national security company and increased efficiency by switching to Supreme Security Systems, Inc.


Cambria Automotive Companies is a family owned and operated business group dedicated to the selling and service of Commercial Medium and Heavy Duty trucks. The company’s facilities are located in North and Central New Jersey, and they cover the most densely populated areas of the Garden State. Cambria Companies is franchised to sell Mack, Peterbilt, Volvo, and Autocar.

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The location in Elizabeth, NJ was experiencing numerous security issues, including false alarms and robberies while relying on a national commercial security company. “We did have an alarm system that was installed by a professional alarm company, however, it just wasn’t working,” said Cambria Automotive Companies Vice President Wende Cambria Senepole. “It was going off every other night…and it was actually CAUSING us to get robbed because people knew that we’d been having so many false alarms false that it wouldn’t likely generate much of a response, also, after two times in a month, our local police department charges for calls, so we knew we just needed a complete change.”

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Cambria Automotive reached out to Supreme Security Systems, Inc. in hopes that the New Jersey based security company would provide a more comprehensive and reliable security service. According to David Bitton, COO of Supreme Security Systems, it’s not uncommon for commercial businesses to switch from a major nationwide mega-brand to a family-owned independent provider like Supreme. “We provide an exceptional level of care and attention to each account, starting from the moment a business owner meets with us to discuss their needs and requirements and throughout the relationship with us, this was the foundation of our business in 1929, and continues to define the way we do business today.”


Ultimately, Cambria decided to re-install their entire security system from scratch. “Our cameras were outdated, our system was faulty, so we had to rewire everything,” Cambria Senepole said. “We had two gentlemen from Supreme in here going over what our needs and wants were, and our concerns. We basically built up a new system.” According to Cambria Senepole, Cambria Automotive Companies was comfortable with Supreme’s security system from day one. “From the moment everything was hooked up, even through the process of them hooking it up, it was a nice experience,” Cambria Senepole said.


Since installing with Supreme, Cambria Automotive Companies hasn’t had a single robbery occur.

“We’ve had zero robberies since installing with Supreme,” Cambria Senepole said. “In the past two years we’ve only had one false alarm and that was due to a bad storm. We’re 100 percent satisfied.”

The reliable security system has also changed the way the company does business. The security system from Supreme has eliminated the stress involved with receiving false alarms and getting robbed. Supreme’s security system has resulted in a safe and secure environment.

“Our sales are more honest and true sales because employees and customers know that they can’t surreptitiously go in and out of the building thanks to our cameras,” Cambria Senepole said, “and this means our inventory control has been more accurate.” They have also noticed an increase in the quality of the images and videos recorded by Supreme’s cameras. “The pictures are now clear enough so that we can actually see them. With the system prior to Supreme’s you couldn’t even make out people’s faces, it was horrible, no resolution whatsoever,” Cambria Senepole said. “We know that if we need a picture, we’re going to get a clear picture and the resolution will be outstanding.”

The security system installed by Supreme Security Systems is a vast improvement from Cambria Automotive Companies’ previous nationally-based security provider. The systems installed have resulted in a peace-of-mind that has spread throughout the company.

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