The Benefits of Building Access Control and Security Devices for C-Stores

Access control systems cover many different aspects of convenience store security and risk management. From limiting the points-of-entry to a C-store, to controlling which employees have access to high-value storage rooms, C-store owners have a number of building access control policies to consider. A well-designed system can reduce robbery risks and support best practices in stock control. Additionally, professional building access control systems will manage access to restroom facilities, freezers and storerooms, and even remotely open and close the business. Building access control systems can make a convenience store owner’s job much less stressful by providing the peace of mind that comes along with knowing exactly who has access to the business.


Reduce Robbery Risks

As a standard building access security measure, store owners should ask all employees to use the main entrance. Also, owners should install a lock on the inside of high-value storage rooms and include an extra key, an emergency phone, and a panic button.

The Importance of Electronic Access Control

For this blog we spoke with Sapphire Risk Advisory Group Senior Director Tony Gallo, the former director of Loss Prevention and Safety for EZCorp and graduate of New Jersey City University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree. Gallo is a Licensed Security Consultant and he believes in the effectiveness of building access control and has seen proven results throughout his 30 years in the industry. Electronic access control is one of the best ways for a business owner to both secure a business and document important information, and he has seen the positive results firsthand.

“(As a convenience store owner) being able to document who’s going into your restricted areas, say where you store your alcohol or your tobacco, when you’re not there gives you another set of eyes,” Gallo says. “More importantly the access control system gives you valuable information to make business decisions.”

Permitting and Restricting Access

Electronic building access control technology is ideal for permitting and restricting access to your premises or secured areas within the premises. Access control systems are highly sophisticated and can be integrated into a number of other commercial security solutions, such as CCTV, for maximum effectiveness. With an electronic access control system, a business owner can control access to a facility or secured areas. One could also authorize card or key-holders, record entry and exit times, enhance security and protect vital items.

Building access control is a necessity for convenience stores. To put it simply, electronic building access control can’t be overlooked, as it provides a valuable reference point for store owners. Experts like Gallo believe in its effectiveness and so should C-store owners. Professional commercial security companies like Supreme Security Systems will work with store owners to scope out customized setup for building access capabilities.

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