Improve the security of your retail space
Blog | Retail | January 30, 2019

How to Improve the Security of Your Retail Space

Every year, retailers around the country have to deal with the triple threat of theft: shoplifting, employee theft, and organized burglary. The differences between the three can make it difficult to ensure the safety and protection of your customers, employees, and goods. Luckily, we at Supreme have a few tips that can help you mitigate […]

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Commercial security
Blog | Commercial Security | January 10, 2019

The Four Pillars of Commercial Security

Here at Supreme, we often receive questions about what exactly makes a business “safe” — what systems and technologies make up a well-rounded security system? When we receive these questions, we like to point back to a key video (see below) we developed which is centered around what we call “The Four Pillars” of Commercial […]

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Commercial Security Camera, Alarm Companies
Blog | Commercial Security | November 25, 2018

Which Commercial Security Camera is Right for Your Facility?

  If you do a quick Google search for “commercial security cameras” your query will come back with about 454,000,000 results; that’s because there are thousands of different makes and models of security cameras on the market today. With so many different types of video surveillance camera options, it can be difficult to decide which […]

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What to do after a break in at your business. Alarm Security system
Blog | Commercial Security | November 8, 2018

What to do After a Break-in at Your Business

In 2017, approximately 1,401,840 burglaries were committed in the United States, leading to an astounding 3.4 billion dollars in property loss. In our home state of New Jersey, 25,198 incidents occurred leading to $57,206,380 in property loss. With numbers that high, it is crucial to know what to do if a break-in ever occurs at […]

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Home security system worth cost. Burglary.
Blog | Home Security | November 1, 2018

Is a Home Security System Worth the Cost?

When it comes to weighing the cost of a home security system against the value, there are two forms of measurement to consider: monetary and peace of mind. Monetary cost and value pose questions such as: “How much does a security system cost to install and maintain? How much can a security system save me?” […]

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8 shocking facts about burglary. Home Invasion. Robbery. Alarm systems.
Blog | Home Security | October 25, 2018

7 Shocking Facts About Home Burglary

In 2017, approximately 1,401,840 burglaries were committed in the United States, leading to an estimated 3.4 billion dollars in property loss. While these numbers are alarming (pun intended), there is some good news: the more informed you are, the more equipped you’ll be to prevent a burglary from happening to you and your loved ones. […]

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