A 3rd Generation, Family Owned Business Since 1929.

While the world is a very different place today than it was in 1929, ensuring that family, homes and businesses are safe from harm has remained an unchanging constant for Supreme. When Sidney Bitton staked his claim for what would become a family-owned security business spanning three generations, he knew that nothing was more important than protecting family, homes, property, and businesses. While his humble Newark beginning consisted of personally walking the streets in the evening to ensure that his customers’ doors were locked and all was secure, it soon evolved to the security systems of present day.

Over the years, the technology for security systems has evolved and advanced. During this evolution, the dedication of the Bitton family to protecting families and property across New Jersey has been a constant over three generations. That ethos remains constant from early security systems consisting of the then ubiquitous key switch with the red and green light and the bell to today’s wireless systems, touchscreen displays and multifunction programmable control panels. At Supreme we continue to emphasize the latest proven technology to keep homes, families and businesses safe.

Through the advent of early CCTV to the 4K high resolution security cameras and manned control centers of today, Supreme Security Systems takes the same approach as Sidney Bitton in 1929 – personally and unfailingly keeping watch over your most precious possessions, family, and commercial business locations. While Supreme has embraced the latest security technology of each era over three generations, we have adopted it only after proving its efficacy as the best solution for our customers.

As a 3rd generation, family-owned business, we really care about that legacy, and it’s enabled us to grow in both size and in our extensive, trusted customer base. Our commitment has regulated our growth based on an ability to serve each client fully with the best solutions and service available.

Essentially, we’re big enough to matter but small enough to care.

There are many smaller operations that don’t have the experience or the know-how to understand how security systems are supposed to be planned or installed. At the other end of the spectrum, there are very large companies where your home or business can easily get lost in the mix of hundreds of thousands of customers.

Our mission is to provide the better alternative to these options. Because we’re not enormous, we are still driven by our connection to people, communities and businesses that we serve across New Jersey. We strive to maintain a personal connection to each and every customer.

At Supreme, we’ve kept the family home and the growing business (whether it’s a small shop or a sprawling multi site manufacturing enterprise) as the focus for innovation. Since the 1950’s we have been a UL listed installation company in New Jersey. In conjunction with the development of our state-of-the-art central monitoring facility, we can provide the highest level of security systems available in the industry today.

We never take an off the shelf approach to security systems as every client, their needs and their home/commercial facility is different. That customization using the latest and most proven security technology solutions enables us to take the same level of care with each system for the highest level of security.

At Supreme, upholding our legacy of superior planning, implementation, service and maintenance of our systems is a point of pride that our founder Sidney Bitton would proudly endorse and recognize. In 1929, he believed that businesses needed to be able to focus on doing business and not on security systems.

Supreme has the tools, technology, solutions, and experience in security system best practices to ensure that we get it right the first time. Our goal is to provide the ideal security systems for your needs and ensure that your property, homes and facilities are safe 24/7/365. Since 1929 and well into the future, we pledge to stay vigilant and focus on your security so that you can focus on living life and doing business, confident that Supreme has you covered.