Commercial Remote Notification

The ability to receive remote notification of events and alarms, by wireless phone or e-mail, enables you to respond to emergency incidents in the most efficient manner possible. Remote notification provides you with the freedom to leave your security environment but also provides you with the information you need—when you really need it— to make quick, informed decisions.

At Supreme Security Systems, we offer the most advanced remote notification capabilities designed to help you derive the maximum benefit and value from your security systems. We also offer you the flexibility to pre-define specific events and conditions—such as a triggered alarm or system failure—that warrant remote notification and require immediate attention.


  • Pre-define events and conditions
  • Receive notification by wireless phone or e-mail
  • Maximize your security effort
  • Verify and analyze post events

Wireless Phone
Remote notification of alarms and events via cell phone.
Remote notification of alarms and events via e-mail.