Supreme Security Systems Featured on NBC’s Weekend Today Show Offering Advice and Tips for Home Security

Union, New Jersey, February 28, 2005 — Supreme Security Systems, the largest independent, full-service electronic security provider in New Jersey, was recently featured on NBC’s Weekend Today television show on February 19, 2005. David Bitton, Chief Operating Officer of Supreme Security Systems offered advice on making homes less vulnerable to break-ins and insight into protecting homeowners’ personal belongings while on vacation or out of town.

Bitton joined consumer correspondent Janice Lieberman on a tour of New Jersey resident Anne Murray’s home, install a new alarm system during the segment. 

“Many homeowners are unaware of some of the simple things they can do to make their home less prone to break-ins and a safer place to live,” said Bitton.  “Some of the most important tips are easy and inexpensive – it is just a matter of understanding where these vulnerabilities are in order to avoid inviting criminals into your home.” 

During the segment, Bitton discussed some of the steps homeowners can take to protect their home with Lieberman:

  • Invest in a security system – According to one study, homes with security systems are three times safer than those without.  Investing in a system is beneficial in creating a safe home, and is moderately inexpensive.  The first low-tech line of defense is simply planting a security sign in from of one’s home to scare burglars away.  Installation costs for security systems range from $200 for a small apartment to $2,000 for an average suburban home. In addition, there are monthly monitoring fees which are in the $30 range.
  • Trim overgrown shrubs – Overgrown shrubbery gives burglars a hiding place, especially when the bushes are growing in front of first floor or basement windows.  Overgrown plants provide thieves with an accessible opportunity to break into windows, hiding them from neighbors as well.  It is important to cut shrubs down just below window level for first floors, allowing neighbors to see any suspicious activity taking place.
  • Watch out for low overhangs – Low overhangs can provide thieves with an easy way to get into a home.  It is imperative to watch out for overhangs below second story windows and make sure they are locked and protected by a security system.
  • Show activity in the home – Property crime rates are highest during the day - when most homeowners are out of the house. If you are out for just the day, or on an extended vacation, keeping a car in the driveway or putting your lights on a light timer can be deterrents to criminals who may be tricked into believing that someone is at home. In addition, one should cancel mail and newspaper delivery while away. 
  • Ask for neighborly help – When leaving town, it’s a good idea to ask neighbors to keep an eye out on one’s property.  A neighborhood busybody can often be the first line of defense – reporting suspicious activity before it turns into a crime. 

Later in the segment, Lieberman offered her tips on finding the right alarm company and service provider for residential needs. She recommended getting at least three estimates from different service providers, checking the company’s history (how long it has been in business), and verifying that the company is licensed. In addition, Lieberman advised on asking for references and taking the time to check them personally. Lastly, she suggested inquiring about warrantees on equipment in case something breaks down and if there are options for extended warrantees.

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Supreme Security Systems is the largest independent, full-service electronic security provider in New Jersey. The company provides over 10,000 businesses, industrial facilities and residences with the most advanced burglar and fire alarms, closed circuit TV (CCTV) systems, access control systems and process and environmental monitoring systems, audio and video intercoms and music systems. A third-generation family-owned and managed company Supreme has almost 100 long-term employees on staff. Security Distributing & Marketing Magazine ranks Supreme in the top one half of one percent of alarm companies nationwide. For more information, please visit: