Supreme Security Systems Offers Fire Safety Tips in Observance of Fire Prevention Week, October 9-15, 2005

UNION, New Jersey, October 10, 2005  Supreme Security Systems, the largest independent, full-service electronic security provider in New Jersey, has outlined a number of fire safety tips for local residents and commercial customers, in observance of Fire Prevention Week, October 9-15, 2005. Fire Prevention Week, a national event, was established to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, which killed more than 250 people and left 100,000 homeless.

Fires cause millions of dollars in damage and result in hundreds of injuries and deaths each year, said David Bitton, COO of Supreme Security Systems. At Supreme Security Systems, we believe you can never be too prepared or too cautious when it comes to safeguarding your business or home and, most importantly, your employees and loved ones. In recognition of this year’s Fire Prevention Week, we have identified some useful tips that can go a long way in helping to prevent fires and mitigate risk.

Supreme Security Systems’ top-ten fire prevention safety tips include:

1.    Identify risk factors. It is important to identify the hazards in your environment early on and learn how to avoid them. Some risk factors include electrical shorts and overheating, infrequent maintenance of smoke detectors, careless smoking or unattended candles.

2.    Cook with care. Since a fire can start in just seconds, it is absolutely imperative to never leave your cooking unattended. Keep curtains, pot holders, rubber spatulas or other articles that can easily catch on fire away from your stove or elements at all times. If a fire breaks out while cooking, put a lid on the pan to contain it. Never throw water on a grease fire.

3.    Give your space heaters some space. The high cost of fuel and utilities have caused many people to turn to portable space heaters to warm up their homes or small businesses this season.  Give your portable heaters the space they need by keeping flammable or combustible items very far away.

4.    Learn how to use a fire extinguisher. Make sure you know where your fire extinguisher is kept at all times and understand how to use it. If you have several extinguishers, check the operating instructions for each, as they may differ. Also, keep fire extinguishers charged and their inspection tags current.

5.    Share responsibility. Many people are unaware as to how their own actions can contribute to the risk of fire. It is extremely important that everyone understands that fire prevention and safety is a shared responsibility that should never be taken lightly.

6.    Develop a comprehensive plan. Develop a plan that outlines the necessary steps to take should a fire break out, as well as any special procedures for those who are physically challenged.

7.    Provide frequent training. Ensure everyone in your household or office understands the fire safety plan, receives proper and frequent training and is comfortable following the procedures.

8.    Identify escape routes. It is important to identify numerous ways to escape your home or facility, so if one area is blocked by the fire, you have alternate routes to escape.

9.    Invest in technology. Be sure to invest in smoke detectors, fire alarms and sprinkler systems; these technologies can go a long way in helping to reduce fire losses and ensure the ongoing safety and security of your home or facility.

10.    Monitor and test your fire alarm. Monitor and test your fire detection and prevention systems regularly to ensure they work properly and meet any changing needs and requirements. Also, stay abreast of advancements in fire protection technology and continue to invest in these systems as appropriate.

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