New Jersey Security Firm, Supreme Security Systems, Offers Residents Summer Safety and Security Tips

UNION, New Jersey, July 6, 2005 — Supreme Security Systems, the largest independent, full-service electronic security provider in New Jersey, has outlined recommended safety and security tips to help residents protect their homes and families during the summer months. 

“Summer is an enjoyable time for homeowners, and there are a number of steps that can be taken to ensure it’s also a safe time for their property and loved ones,” said David Bitton, COO of Supreme Security Systems.  “By following these simple tips, residents can avoid some of the potential threats associated with the season and make it as pleasant as possible.” 

The following are Supreme Security Systems’ summer safety tips:

  1. Trim overgrown shrubs. Overgrown shrubbery and decorative plants give potential burglars a hiding place, especially when the bushes are growing in front of first floor or basement windows.  Overgrown plants also provide thieves with an opportunity to break into windows or other entry points undetected, concealing them from neighbors and other witnesses.  Shrubs should be kept just below window level for first floors, allowing residents and their neighbors to see any suspicious activities taking place.
  2. Watch out for low overhangs.  Low overhangs can provide thieves with easy entrance to your home.  It is imperative to monitor all overhangs below second story windows.
  3. Close all windows, especially at night.  Warm temperatures lead many residents to open their windows during the day and let in the cool breezes at night.  While this can make summer living more enjoyable, it can also leave homes susceptible to break-ins.  Residents should exercise caution when leaving windows open for an extended period of time, and may want to consider using an air conditioner or fan to cool the home at night.
  4. Show activity in the home.  Property crime rates are highest during the day - when most homeowners are out of the house. Keeping a vehicle parked in the driveway, putting interior lights on a timer or having a neighbor periodically stop by can help deter criminal activity.
  5. Make home restorations safe.  Home improvements and restorations can inadvertently lead to safety hazards if the proper precautions are not taken.  Avoid leaving ladders, tools and other objects that could be used to a burglar’s advantage in the yard or other open areas.  Also make sure that all windows and doors adjacent to construction areas are properly locked and safeguarded.  These entrances can be accessible to criminals through unfinished porches and decks. 
  6. Avoid fire and floods.  Help prevent disasters in the home by monitoring and regulating the outlets, valves and plugs associated with household devices.  Many expensive, high-consumption devices like air conditioners and computers can be susceptible to lightning and power surges.  Water valves can be equally as destructive if they are not attended.  Make sure to regularly monitor these devices, especially prior to leaving for vacation.  
  7. Create a vacation checklist.  Summer is a popular time for vacations, which means extra steps must be taken to protect the home during its vacancy.  First, advise your alarm/security company of your vacation dates before leaving.  Leave emergency contact information with trusted neighbors, and ask them to monitor the home during your trip.  Lock all windows and doors, and set timers on interior lights if possible.  Have newspaper and mail delivery suspended or regularly picked up by a neighbor.  Finally, secure all valuable property and disconnect any devices that may initiate fire or other damage.
  8. Invest in Technology. Smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, fire and burglar alarms and CCTV systems can go a long way in helping to ensure the safety and security of your home. Monitor and test your fire/life safety and security systems once again this summer season to ensure they work properly and meet your specific needs and requirements.

    About Supreme Security:

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