6 Strategies for Preventing Burglary at Your Retail Store

6 Strategies for Preventing Burglary at Your Retail Store

As a retail store owner, few things can be more damaging to your business than a burglary. While incremental theft like shoplifting (click here for tips on preventing shoplifting and employee theft) can be quickly addressed before it causes too much damage, a break-in can completely ruin your year in just one night. Luckily, preparing for and defending against burglary is a simple process that companies like Supreme can help you with. Take a look at the tactics we’ve listed below and evaluate whether or not you need to boost your security. If you’re noticing some blind spots in your burglary prevention strategy, feel free to reach out to us.


Equipment-Based Tactics


1. Install an Alarm System

When it comes to burglary, it is hard to beat the protection offered by a professionally-installed burglary system. Most alarm systems have multiple pieces of equipment that can alert you to an unwanted intrusion and help you notify authorities before it is too late.

Types of equipment include:

  • Motion Detection: Using a couple different methods (such as ultrasonic waves and infrared light), motion detectors are capable of detecting when someone or something trespasses on your property.
  • Glassbreak Detection: Glassbreak detectors are capable of identifying the specific frequency at which glass breaks. If they sense this frequency, an alarm is triggered.
  • Door Contacts: Door contacts tell a security system if doors or windows are open or closed. One piece is installed on the door while the other is attached to the door frame. If the two pieces separate, an alarm is triggered, alerting you to an intruder.
  • Video Verification: Video verification is a monitoring service in which your security provider will use motion-activated video cameras on your property to verify if an alarm was triggered by an actual intruder. Police response times are 85% faster when responding to a verified alarm, and false alarms are reduced.


2. Install a Video Surveillance System (CCTV)

A CCTV system will allow you to detect and record any unwanted entry to your facility, record a burglar’s actions inside your facility, and may even help you visually identify the culprit, which can aid the police in finding and convicting them. In addition, video surveillance footage can provide you with the visual evidence you need to make an insurance claim.


3. Implement Access Control

An access control system allows you to control who has access to your facility and when. As a retailer, you will want your customers to have access to your sales floor, but that does not mean they need to have access to your stock room. With card readers barring access to your store after hours of operation, and additional readers barring access to your stock rooms both during and outside of your hours of operation, you will have an added layer of protection against burglary. Furthermore, if burglars use a card to access your store as opposed to forced entry, you will know exactly whose card was used. This can aid you in identifying the culprit.


Other Tactics


1. Clear Your Surrounding Environment

If you’re looking for a simpler way to prevent burglary, clearing the environment surrounding your retail space might be the option for you. When looking for targets, burglars typically look for stores with access points that are hidden from street view and obscured by foliage or other environmental features. Things like large bushes, trees, and signs can serve as easy cover for them while they try to break in. If you remove these obstructions, your storefront will be a less attractive target to burglars scoping out your area.


2. Keep Your Property Well-lit

In addition to clearing unwanted environmental obstructions from your storefront, installing high-lumen light sources around the proximity of your store can go a long way toward deterring burglars. More and brighter lights mean a greater chance of the burglar being seen and reported. If you have surveillance cameras, added light also increases the chance of security footage delivering visual descriptors of the culprit. While some burglaries are impulsive acts, many are planned. Seeing a well-lit storefront will make any burglar think twice about attempting a break-in of your retail space.


3. Add Security Signage

Burglars know that breaking into a store with a security system is harder than breaking into a store without one. So, while we firmly believe that signage should never be your sole means of protection against burglary, having visible security signs around your property can be an effective way of preventing burglary.

Your store’s security shouldn’t be taken lightly. Partner with a Professional Security Company.

Having worked with New Jersey businesses for over eight decades, we at Supreme know that the best way to prevent burglary in your retail space is to work with the experts. We can help you design a custom security system that includes everything you need and nothing you don’t. If you’re interested, click here to reach out to us. We would love to learn more about your needs and discuss potential solutions — no strings attached.