6 Important Reasons to Test Your Business’ Fire Alarm System

In order for a business’ fire alarm system to be considered 100% reliable, it’s essential that the system is tested and inspected on a regular basis. The good news is if you choose to install fire alarm systems with a trustworthy and professional security company, the system will always be properly tested and maintained.

fire alarm testing

Regular inspection and maintenance by licensed technicians may seem like overkill to a business owner, but just like the maintenance of a car, keeping up with it can save substantial amounts of money by preventing emergency repairs and expensive false alarm fines. Not to mention regular inspections are also a requirement of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and that local fire departments also require regular upkeep.

As we all know, fire is a very serious concern and although the precautions may seem extreme, it’s always worth the trouble in the long run since it could save a business from devastation. Even though regular inspection is required by law (here is a link to the NFPA’s explanation on fire alarm system testing), it’s still genuinely in the best interest of a business to make sure everything’s running smoothly on a regular basis. Below we have listed the top benefits to testing and inspecting your business’ fire alarm system.

1. Regular Testing and Inspection Can Save Your Business Money

Many property insurance providers offer discounts if a business can provide proof of the inspection of a fire alarm system. Also, if a business fire alarm system were to stop working when a fire occurs, the business could be liable for lawsuits due to injuries suffered by employees or customers. And that leads to our next point…

2. Regular Testing and Inspection Can Save Lives

When regular testing and inspection is done on a business’ fire alarm system, the safety of everyone involved with the business increases dramatically. If you test your business’ fire alarm regularly, you can then trust it to work when you need it most.

3. Regular Testing and Inspection Meets Insurance Requirements

Most insurance providers won’t pay for any fire damage if a business can’t provide proof that a business had the fire alarm system regularly tested. Insurance providers need to have documented evidence that a business’ fire alarm system is reliable.

4. State and Local Laws Require Testing and Inspection

Town laws regarding fire alarm system upkeep can vary, but New Jersey’s laws and regulations regarding fire alarm testing can be found here.

5. Regular Testing and Inspection Lowers Legal Costs

A reliable fire alarm system protects a business against legal issues. If the proper measures are in place when an emergency occurs, the system should allow everyone to exit the property safely and, as a result, protect a business from lawsuits.

6. Regular Testing and Inspection Stops Nuisance Alarms

When a business follows the proper inspection guidelines, it helps strengthen the fire alarm system and prevents false or nuisance alarms from occurring. This is very significant because many fire departments fine businesses after a certain amount of false alarms.

It’s in a business owner’s best interest to entrust his or her business’ safety to a trustworthy fire alarm company. If you install with the right company, they will ensure that the alarm system is abiding by the proper inspection laws, and as a result, fortify the safety of your business.

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