Home Automation: Did You Know?

The modern, connected home can make our busy lives smoother. Below are several smarthome basics to consider.


In addition to security, home automation allows you to control your house’s climate, helping to cut energy expenses.

Home automation systems can put comfort and energy savings at the touch of your smartphone or other mobile device with intelligent climate control. Program, monitor, and adjust your heating and cooling system levels from anywhere in the world for ideal settings as the temperature changes outside. Keep heating and cooling costs low when you’re away by adjusting the system so that the temperature is just right when you return home.

Home automation allows you to control lighting with vacation timers, dimmers and color schemes.

Smart home systems for lighting control can be integrated into your security system and allow you to remotely adjust home lighting when you’re away. Your home automation system can turn lights on and off at prescribed times, as well as making minor adjustments such as dimming and raising lights as needed.

You can control the lighting in your house remotely with a home automation system.

Home automation systems allow you to control your lights through a mobile app whether you’re home in bed or on vacation in another country. This allows you to monitor your electricity usage as well as thwart home intruders while you’re away. The ability to access, monitor, and program your light controls remotely puts you in one-touch control wherever you may be.

Your home automation system can alert you of suspicious activity even if you’re 1,000 miles away on vacation.

Smart home systems can let your home communicate with you wherever you are 24/7/365. Through seamless integration of security and home automation systems that are wirelessly connected to the Supreme Central Monitoring Station, our operators immediately receive alerts when motion sensors go off inside or outside your home and take the proper action to keep you safe. You can combine light control systems with audio, video, security, and HVAC/home comfort. That gives you the power to program lighting patterns, receive video feeds when home lighting or other connected systems are turned on or off, and much more.

Home automation systems can be set to include carbon monoxide and smoke detection.

Today’s standalone home automation systems or integrated automation/security systems can track fire, smoke and carbon monoxide in even the smallest amounts. With Supreme’s 24/7 Central Monitoring Station, we can immediately detect any anomalies and take the proper action to keep you safe. If there is an actual emergency, our skilled and vigilant operators will notify you, loved ones, and even the police and/or fire department. Smart detectors can be hardwired or battery operated, and when the batteries are low, it can send an alert reminder to your smartphone.

You can monitor live video feeds of your house’s interior and exterior via your home automation system.

You can even receive live video feeds from your property as well as video stills that coincide with a remote alert to your smartphone. Highly sophisticated home automation systems can even provide real-time video and communicate with two-way voice audio alerts when the doorbell rings. The two-way communication feature gives you the ability to see and communicate with somebody at your front door.

Smart home thermostats can be programmed and monitored remotely so you always have the perfect temperature while saving on heating and cooling bills.

Today’s smart home thermostats can be programmed and monitored remotely so that your home is the perfect temperature no matter the season, and you save big on heating and cooling bills.

You can control your Supreme-enabled Smart Home functions through the SupremeConnect App.

Integrated and intuitive solutions like the SupremeConnect App for your smartphone make it easy to have complete remote control of your Supreme Security system. That includes control of critical functions like lights, locks, thermostat and cameras wherever you may be.